Our Fleeting World

Life without love would be a curse, a devastation. The astronomer’s sky would have no majestic ceremonies, nor would the scientist marvel at the hidden secrets......

4 months ago

Latest Post Wàn 萬 by Arsalan Lavang

This world is running away—
Fleeting like our shattered dreams.
May you reach old age with laughter,
My beautiful friend.

The flowers—the innocent flowers—
Even they fill me with sadness.
We sat by as their petals dwindled
In the scorching winds of our past.

The years, the long years are dissapearing,
Into the next and into the after.
Until next year my love,
Our youth will keep fading.

Poor man—stranger out of time,
I have no kingdom, and no peace.
Turn me to stone, like dark obsidian—
Turn me into lifeless stone.

Only your violent kiss could save me
From my tormented calamity.

Arsalan Lavang

Published 4 months ago

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